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SEO Training.

I offer two types of SEO Training Courses; a one dayer that covers all basics or ongoing training which is tailored to your specific requirements.

No matter which course you opt for you are guaranteed indepth, insightful and useful knowledge which is fully applicable in todays world of SEO.

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SEO Training Services Cover

The below are examples of what is covered in the basic one day SEO training package. We cover areas such as Google updates and specific E-com related issues, again if relevant I can focus on specific areas.

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SEO Introduction

An introduction to SEO; What it is, why it's important, the evolution of.

We start with the basics and begin with clearly outlining what SEO is before exploring the many reason why it's important. Rounding off with the recent evolution of SEO, then stretching back into the last decade, referring to the many updates.

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Establishing KPIs

At the beginning of the SEO campaign, it's important we establish goals, and benchmark these.

We discuss what the key measurements are, and how we go about presenting these findings and using the data productively.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential and becomes the backbone to any SEO campaign.

We delve in to the areas of research; considering the search landscape and how a keyword matrix document is created on the back of the initial analysis.

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On Page Optimisation

Ensuring web pages function at a level search engines find easy.

Leading factors that contribute to on-page optimisation are discussed:

  • URL Structure
  • Meta Titles
  • Content
  • Header Tags
  • ALT Tags
  • Internal Linking Structure
  • File Naming Conventions
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Website Speed

Why is speed so important to a website's performance? One of many questions answered in this section.

We look at the various reasons as to what may slow down a website and explore how we alleviate these issues.

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Mobile First

Mobile First-Indexing and why this is vital to your website's growth.

We keep it quite simple and look at the reasons optimisation for mobile is essential.

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