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Local SEO.

Local SEO focuses efforts on acquiring optimisation for local search results. If your business operates at a regional level, then local SEO is essential to grow your online presence.

Local SEO is somewhat more distinct from all-round SEO as it requires a more strategic and targeted approach. The same elements are assessed, such as content, on-page analysis and link building, but local sentiment is what we keep in mind. The following local SEO elements detail just a few of the aspects that make up local SEO.

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Local SEO Services

I will assess and report back to you with a full local SEO audit, along with a campaign plan detailing areas to enhance, and other relevant plans to aid your website within your local area.

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GMB - Google My Business

I will link up your website to your GMB account, and set one up if you have not already done so. I will advise on best practise to ensure you attain maximum visibility in the Google tools, such as Google maps and the Local Business pack in your area.

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Friendly Local Citation

Assessing the local directories that are prevalent in your area is an aspect that is sometimes underutilised, or performed incorrectly. I will list your business in all local directories that add value to your website and business. I follow the NAP (Name, Address, Phone) procedure that ensures consistency is applied across the web in detailing your business location.

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Local Reviews

I will fully assess current review status and pro-actively engage with your audience to ensure a positive review is attained. I can also provide a best practise guide to developing and handling online customer reviews.

Local SEO Solutions

Along with the above local SEO elements other areas we consider include the all-round performance of your website to ensure it is set-up to perform in your local area.

The process of establishing performance for a website targeting their local area involves a full audit being performed, much like the SEO process for any website. However, with local SEO, we must ensure you are set-up to capture the most relevant and strong volume local search queries.

No matter the function of your website for your business, whether it be lead generation or local product sales, we will ensure all aspects of your website are optimised fully. Along with working on the optimisation of your website, we will also provide full tracking information using Google Analytics and provide reporting that shows consistent improvements.

Affordable Local SEO Services

As an experienced SEO freelancer, I have worked across several local business niches and have achieved page 1, often top 3 positioning, for all local SEO campaigns I have worked on. If you are unsure and have had bad experiences in the past, then please do not hesitate to give me a call for your local SEO needs. I provide a transparent approach to SEO, with a clear plan from the outset and monthly updates, or calls if required, to inform you of progress.

Local SEO services I provide can be tailored to suit any budget, as your business grows locally so will your conversions. This is the point at which I start for local SEO campaigns. I don’t have a set packaged fee that only provides you with blog posts, and more content. Initially, auditing is performed to understand why your website is performing the way it is. The local SEO process is not just about understanding this, but it involves creating a plan that will bring your website to the top for all local and relevant searches in your area.

If you have been looking for local SEO services then you may have come across terms such as the NAP, or Google Map optimisation services. Though relevant, all these aspects should be incorporated into all local SEO campaigns, not provided as stand-alone service for local SEO. The local SEO services I provide cover all aspects of a local SEO campaign.

You can be assured that if you are a locally based business with a website, my local SEO services will aid your website with a view to growing your business.

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