SEO for E-Commerce


SEO for E-Com Platforms.

I have worked on dozens of various e-com based websites, on different platforms set within a variety of competitive niches.

SEO for e-commerce starts with thorough auditing, to ensure the website is being crawled and indexed appropriately. Once technical aspects are ironed out or put within a process of enhancement, if required, content analysis is then performed before moving on to UX and off-page analysis.

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Optimising your E-Com website

The below aspects detail other SEO elements that are performed which ensure your e-com website performs to a high standard.

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Keyword Research

I have a section about my keyword research service but with E-Com websites the foundation to keyword research lies within with your website’s current page performance data. I will create a page performance document which will detail current keyword performance, this will form the foundation for current keyword direction, and mapping.

This element will feed into other areas of website optimisation, such as best practise for naming conventions and the URL structure of your website.

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On-Page Analysis

This encompasses similar aspects to the usual on-page audits I perform with a focus on the website’s page direction. All meta-data and on-page ranking areas will be assessed, and a recommendation document will be created with a view to implementation.

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Schema Markup

You can read more about my approach to Schema by following the link. With E-Com, schema markup can become complex when dealing with products but if you want to outperform to competition it is a necessary evil that needs handling. Schema aids a search engine in the understanding of your website’s page, it will directly allow you to tell the search engine that the products listed are for sale.

Schema also allows us to place more detail on the serp (Search Engine Result Pages), such as customer review detail and price ranges. Schema is an extensible language for HTML, so implemented correctly greatly aids the indexation process, leading to a better performance in the serps.

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