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Comprehensive auditing services, from technical to CRO audits and everything in between. The SEO audits I create are actionable and are fully tailored to suit your SEO and all website requirements.

If you want a fast SEO top-line audit, which covers the basic principles of performance and site health, let me know and I can usually send these audits over for free.

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Auditing services

Auditing Services

Tech SEO audit

Technical SEO Audits

Technical SEO audits that leave no stone unturned as I dig deep into the technical elements of your website.

Technical issues grind at a website's performance and left unchecked will become the source of future degradation issues.

Let us explore your website as our technical audits report back on any technical issues or areas of hindrance.

  • XML Sitemap
  • Robot Txt File
  • URL Structure
  • Server Response
Technical Auditing Process
on page SEO audit

On-Page SEO Audits

A thorough SEO content audit will aid website page performance in the search engine results.

Our comprehensive audits explore all on-page elements; from primary HTML tags that are populated with content to each piece of meta data, and of course content tone and all other aspects that make up a page of your website.

  • Cannibalisation analysis
  • Content pruning
  • Meta Optimisation
  • Header Enhancement
  • Content Optimisation
On-Page Auditing Checklist
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Off-Page SEO Audits

Your back-link profile is a strong indicator for your websites performance and should be explored regularly.

Off-page audits we perform fully explore your current back-link profile, and we will also look at your competitors to aid outreach formulation strategy to ensure you continually climb positively in the search engine result pages.

  • Disavow Files
  • Back-Link Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Penalty Recovery
Free SEO Health Check

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Absolutely no obligation with this, I'll not bombard you afterwards with work needs. You'll get a free report on your websites current state, if you want to action any findings or question any aspects then I'm sure you will be back in touch.

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Auditing Services

Technical Audits

I can provide two kinds of technical audits; a full comprehensive and detailed tech audit which deep dives into every technical SEO aspect of your website or a top-line audit that still covers all aspects with notes on the issue and solution.

Technical audits are one of the major pillars for SEO and highlight any technical issues your website may be suffering from. Technical SEO deals with the foundation of your website, and a technical audit is designed to investigate the technical aspects of any website.

Along with ploughing through a technical SEO checklist the overall website structure will be assessed, and best practise recommendations will be provided.

To perform a full and comprehensive technical audit access to the website’s metric tools, such as Google Search Console and Analytics, will be enormously helpful. If these tools have been set-up, we need not despair as I can set these accounts on your behalf. If you have these accounts already set-up and running, then great, the data contained aids UX analysis, and will highlight any areas which maybe underperforming due to technical considerations.

Technical Audit Process
Auditing services

On-Page Auditing

On-page auditing requires a full and comprehensive analysis of the content presented across your website.

The on-page audit will assess content performance and breakdown the various elements we can control, we then further enhance the on-page SEO elements where necessary.

When looking to improve the on-page SEO factors of a web page, a few typical questions come into play –

  • How many links does the page have?
  • Could the quality be improved?
  • Is there potential to update and promote the content to attract more links?
  • Could you repurpose this content? Maybe turn it into a video, whitepaper, ebook, interview, etc.
  • Is there a better page you could redirect this to?
  • Do you need this page at all? Maybe you should remove or noindex this from your site if it no longer serves a clear purpose.

Provided on-page factors are optimised perfectly then addressing the above will only lead to improved positional performance against relevant keywords.


There is no wizardry here, it’s a case of viewing the page, assessing the presence of the page on your website, and ensuring all on-page ranking factors are present and correct. A lot has been written about best practise’s for writing optimised content and my advice would be to write for the intended audience.

Optimising content is a second layer that usually looks for areas that can be enhanced by implementing HTML tags that aid ranking – header tags to break up the content with relevant and target keywords that enforce URL and the meta-data of the page.


And what about existing content contained in hubs, blogs, or other news/insight areas? On-page auditing will involve a web page performance analysis across the entire website, as well as detailing individual pages. Analysing all web page content will highlight any areas of concern, such as anything that could be considered cannibalised content.

Completing an on-page audit gives an SEO a thorough understanding of your current web page performance and an understanding of the search landscape they site within. Areas of enhancement will be highlighted with steps to take to implement recommendations. Any fundamental errors will be flagged and again recommendations with implementation steps provided.

On-page fixes and enhancements will be detailed and moved into a campaign plan which will detail the issues and provide fixes along with implementation steps plotted against a realistic time frame.

On-Page Auditing Checklist