SEO & PPC Traffic Channels

Benefits of SEO & PPC Working Together

Ultimately, both SEO and PPC are all about acquiring traffic to your websites pages.

How this is done depends on your internal set-up; this maybe siloed between in-house people or one aspect maybe outsource to an agency.

No matter the setup, there are ways in which by sharing data between each discipline great benefits can be achieved for each channel.

Sharing data elements including costs, smarter tactics and channel approach enhances the overall effort and so improves results.

One of the most obvious areas of collaboration is within the realms of keyword research. PPC broad match search query lists can uncover keyword terms you may have never thought. These findings can feed into content ideas for the website and aid SEO when looking to build out a page or content hub.

Ongoing research and insights in to what your target audience is searching for is essential when determining your own topics of content to create for your site.

Combining keyword research from both SEO and PPC will lead to enlightened insights, such as determining long-tail terms, topical groups or the discovery of whole new family keyword sets. With this knowledge, sensible decisions can be taken and content created that sensibly answers the needs of the target audience.

Existing Performance Data

Search performance from both channels can aid each channel; search console data for PPC and search query reports for SEO will lead to many errors being avoided. Sharing this type of data means seasonality factors can be considered for PPC whilst changes in search can be detected almost instantly via a search query report.

Consider the competition as this may vary for both channels. SEO competitors for a particular term may often differ for what’s in PPC for the same term.

A competitor analysis will unravel how much competitors are investing in PPC and what efforts are being made in SEO to attain a target audiences clicks.

This knowledge will aid setting expectations and help uncover other areas where long-tails exist that you may not have considered before.

Meta & PPC Creative

Meta data for your website pages can also benefit from PPC creative, as paid search text ads are formatted in a very similar way to natural results.

With this knowledge, we can assess the best performing ads in terms of CTR and quality score and relate this to SEO page titles and meta-descriptions. The opposite can also be implemented too, best performing site pages with high CTR can direct PPC ad creative.

Using what we already have can save time when considering what to A/B test.

SEO for Remarketing

SEO traffic data can also aid a remarketing campaign. Knowing where exit points exist, this maybe unusually high, will give invaluable insight.

Remarketing to traffic that drop from top of the funnel content will be invaluable in bringing them back to key pages to aid them along their journey.

In essence, it’s the SEO that can bring the visitor in via a long-tail search but then the paid search function can continue to engage them along the path.

In conclusion

Ultimately, the benefits of both SEO and PPC collaborating are that of sharing relevant data and key insights, which lead to smarter and more informed decisions.

The above touches on the main areas, there are more details for both channels which can used in aligning strategies for both channels. Ensure a collaborative approach for both channels that ensures a maximum return for the investment being made.

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