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Managing your outreach campaign for link acquisition

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The securing of backlinks through partnerships with other trusted and viable website platforms is a very effective tool in your SEO arsenal. Often getting a bad rap for being considered as black hat, back-linking and the corresponding outreach can be executed in a very white hat way. You would want to target influencers within your field who have information relevant to your website offerings and your user. If done right, backlinks will both improve search rankings and appear as a seamless integration to your website and your trusted link partner’s.

Before embarking on an outreach campaign, thorough back link research and profiling is necessary. Gone are the days of acquiring back links in volume, now it’s about acquiring back links and considering quality, distribution and ensuring engagement from the visitor passing through the back link.

Back Link Research

From the research come our targets. I'll identify the website's that will make the difference, then compile scouting documents that detail the website target; considering Trust Flow, Domain Authority and other quality ranking factors.

Now the juicy bit – Budget

Available budget will dictate the plan. The typical outreach plan is put together for a 12 month period, but this timeframe is not a necessary requirement, you can do a 6 month plan if you wish. The key is that each week is broken down with detail of what article is going live and where, or text link or any other form of back link type.

Influencers will be approached and an agreement reached for publishing content on the required date, well in advance. This way we avoid any delays, which would upset our plan.

Outreach Plan

The plan is set out based on your specific sector, I'll also analyse your competitors back link profile to understand fully how they are ranking for particular pages.

With this detail I'm able to pick the best links to go after. Acquiring these links is down to our outreach team who will establish contact with all identified website owners. This detail is contained within the outreach teams scouting documents.

Link Targets

The website owners to be targeted are handpicked, and consideration is given to the benefit of a back link from their website after thoroughly analysing your own back link profile, as well as the competitors. With this knowledge I'm able to determine the benefit to your site, from a back link acquisition angle.


Once the outreach campaign starts, I'll share an outreach document with you so you too can see which content is going live, where it’s going live and when.

I'll also advise on your own content, either contained on your blog or elsewhere. The better the content we have to work with, the better the back links acquired. In other words, the quality of the content you have on offer will influence the quality of inbound links we can acquire.

I’ve worked on outreach campaigns across a range of sectors, from competitive gambling niches, to fashion and law. The quality of back links I've attained and the pace at which you need them is determined by your budget. If you have a set budget in mind then give me a call, I can provide you with a realistic outreach plan detailing what you’d get for your money. If you are interested in outreach to improve site rankings, contact me today for a free back link analysis. You can discover more about the back link services I offer by clicking on the link.

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