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I'm about growing your website organically, below is my timeline of my career in the SEO industry.

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Career Journey

How I got to where I'm at

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2008 SEO discovered


I Started

Since 2003 I had been building websites for a variety of small businesses on a freelance basis, using Notepad and minimal direction I must have built 100's. I discovered SEO when a client complemented the performance of a website I built for him, a couple of searches later and the SEO industry unravelled itself.



I took my first big agency job at Carat in Manchester, in the same month my son was born too. It was a busy time. I went from building and optimising local websites, to managing big brand accounts.


In-house SEO

Lifestyle needs led me to move away from the standard 10 hour agency daily shift, to a more 9 to 5 day. I initially worked in the residential sector, then fashion to sports betting and gambling.


Freelance SEO Consultant

Freelancing is not really new to what I've always been doing. I've continually ran websites and optimised websites outside of previous work environments. Now I dedicate the day to SEO freelance projects directly for businesses.
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