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Welcome to my website, I’m Matt Raynes a freelance SEO consultant from Manchester with almost 15 years’ experience offering SEO and related Search Engine Optimisation services to companies and agencies in Manchester and across the UK.

As an experienced freelance SEO consultant, I have managed SEO campaigns for a variety of websites in various niches. My primary objective has always been to improve organic performance, to bring in more relevant traffic and ensure the website performs to its ultimate capacity.

No matter what the current situation is regarding your site’s needs, I can offer a fresh pair of eyes on an existing project or create and execute an SEO campaign from inception. Feel free to complete the Free Site Health Check form, you’ll receive a no obligation report highlighting the positives and negatives of your current website’s performance.

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Free Site Health Check

There is absolutely no obligation when I perform a SEO website health check. To give you an idea of what you get please click here to view a FREE site health check document.

Freelance SEO Consultancy Services


Thorough technical, on-page and off-page analysis with remediation steps.

Core Web Vitals

Improve your Core Web Vitals and Page Experience with a thorough page speed analysis and audit report.

Keyword Research

Acquire your keyword universe standing and plan to rise and capture more within your keyword landscape.

Local Site Optimisation

Local SEO campaigns which get results and improve your current website's standing within your local area.


Fully managed outreach campaigns with tangible documents that ensure a transparent and ethical approach to link acquisition.

SEO for ECom

Ensure a healthy website that attracts a targeted audience resuling in improved visibility and sales.

Freelance SEO Project & Consultancy Process

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1. Contact

An initial call will be conducted to discuss the website and explore opportunities and expected objectives from an SEO campaign.

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2. Meeting

Whether face to face or online I will present a search strategy which focuses on initial business requirements and opportunities, which will have been explored in the initial call.

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3. SEO Campaign

The Campaign will begin, a strategy and campaign plan will be shared, and the SEO work will commence.

Recent SEO Work

Rare Footy Stuff

SEO & Web Build

I worked with Rare Footy Stuff to build a new website that's optimised from the ground up.

  • Pos. 1 Rankings
  • UI/UX Design
  • Page Speed Optimized
  • Full Website Build
  • Content Management

Crystal Marquee Hire

Local Search Campaign

For a marquee hire company based in Surrey, we attained top 3 positions for all target terms.

  • Full audits
  • Blog management
  • Ongoing outreach
  • Optimised location pages
  • Content creation

MR Digital

Content Creation & Technical SEO

Achieved page 1 position for this local digital marketing company in Stockport

  • URL structure consultancy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Speed Optimized
  • Content marketing

Working with a SEO Freelance Consultant

Managing SEO campaigns from inception to the objective being reached is the ideal for any SEO’er. But your requirements may be different. Agencies often require an extra pair of hands, businesses maybe underway with an SEO campaign with below par results.

No matter what the requirements are, I can provide a solution. Of course, all websites are different, similarly business needs and objectives are too. When investing in SEO you expect to see results. Sometimes, genuine factors may steeple a campaign, which is why transparency is essential. If you are simply paying for a monthly report which contains jargon you cannot decipher, but the results are not improving, then you have every right to express concern. Obviously, the process does take time, but initial assessments should result in a plan of action with elements that will need executing, either to a technical or content level, right-away.

If initial issues discovered from audits are not being fixed, or implementations that will lead to direct enhancements in search results are not being actively pursued, then of course improved organic results are not going to be achieved.

As an experienced SEO freelance consultant, I have come across frustrations experienced by business owners from a variety of sectors. The root issue usually always stems from a lack of performance, expectations may sometimes need addressing but issues are usually a lack of performance and transparency. Shiny and fancy SEO reports are easily created and it’s not to difficult to see how these reports work a lot to acquire the initial client buy in. However, it’s what happens afterwards that usually leads to a business calling for a fresh pair of eyes. The lack of transparency should be a huge red flag, you have every right to know what and how things are going. Expectations should align to budget, you are not going to be position 1 for a highly searched term, in a competitive niche with a brand-new shiny website with a limited budget for SEO. A realistic budget is required to meet realistic objectives, if this is not explained at the beginning, then the frustrations are going to arrive.

Freelance SEO Consultant Process

To ensure freelance SEO campaigns run smoothly, an agreed SEO plan will need to be implemented. Before reaching this stage, I will have performed an audit of the website.

The audit results will be worked into the plan. What does that mean? Audits are designed to assess all elements that affect the performance of a website. It’s the auditing process which will unveil any issues affecting the performance of the site. It is these elements that should be flagged and form the basis of the plan. Issues need ordering in to stages of priority, with a realistic timeline to fix all issues.

The rest of the plan should detail what happens when all fixes are completed. These phases will be dictated by the nature of your website. A SEO plan for a local business will look very different for a company selling 1000’s of products nationally.

Therefore, I place a lot of focus in the initial consultation. Once I've compelted the audit, I will know what work needs performing to get the website to a place where it will begin to meet the business objectives.

After the auditing process has been completed another discussion will formulate the length of the plan, it’s dictated by your budget.

The process is different if you are looking for insight or an assessment of SEO work performed. Auditing will still be performed but it may be a technical audit or an audit to assess on-page factors. Keyword research is another task I perform as a freelancer. If you are preparing a new website build, then keyword insights are essential and should be reflected in your websites build structure.

I’ve included the most common SEO aspects I’ve been asked to cover on my services page, but for any other aspect of SEO, I can help.

Client Feedback

Free Site Health Check

Let me check out your website

Absolutely no obligation with this, I'll not bombard you afterwards with work needs. You'll get a free report on your websites current state, if you want to action any findings or question any aspects then I'm sure you will be back in touch.

Free Website Health Check

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